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Tantric massages - immense health benefits

When one thinks of a tantric_massage - they immediately assume it is just an erotic and sensual massage for sexual stimulation. What most people don’t realize is that tantric_massages are great for many other aspects of health. Some of the many benefits of tantric_massages include increased blood flow, reduced cholesterol levels, stress reduction, improved relaxation, regular sleep patterns and much more. Here are some of the benefits explained in detail:  body to body massage London

Increased blood flow: Sex is an excellent physical work out that helps increase the blood flow to your brain and other organs of your body. Just as when you go for a jog, tantric_massages will increase your heart rate and breathing rate, which helps your circulation to improve. With fresh blood pumping through your body, your cells, organs and muscles will have fresh oxygen delivered faster and will also have waste products removed faster.

Reduces cholesterol levels: tantric_massages will help reduce your overall cholesterol level - it will tip the HDL/LDL balance towards the healthier HDL side, which is beneficial to your health. With a reduction of cholesterol levels, this will reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Stress reduction, improved relaxation and improved sleep: Those that have tantric_massages report that they handle stress better. The massages promote relaxation - they allow people to completely let go, surrender and relax. Following this, they will be able to sleep better and more restfully. By reducing stress and improving relaxation, many people can overcome insomnia.  Tantric Massage London

Painkillers: tantric_massages and sex has a rejuvenating effect on sexual health. If one has frequent orgasms, the brain chemistry is affected - and will cause the release of hormones. Some of these hormones such as oxytocin cause the release of endorphins which are a natural painkiller.

Improved intimacy: Probably the fastest and best benefit of tantric_massages is the healing power of intimacy. Anything that will promote the feelings of love and intimacy is good for you - it will make you more confident and bring you closer to your partner. In turn, this will help you live longer. Also, couples will find out that they are able to talk to each other better, and will be able to bond better in situations outside the bedroom, if they have increased intimacy. Psychologically, this is excellent for couples to get through life together.